How Breet Crypto-to-Crypto works

Experience seamless and breezy crypto swaps with the best solution – the Breet App


Select Your Trading Pair.

Simply select a trading pair from our list. We offer over 50,000 trading pairs with 170 cryptocurrencies. For example, if you choose BTC-ETH, it means you're sending Bitcoin and receiving Ethereum.


Confirm Exchange Details and Make a Deposit.

Confirm all the exchange details, including the estimated transaction time we provide. Once satisfied, send the cryptocurrency to the one-time deposit address provided.


Receive Swapped Cryptocurrency.

Wait a few minutes, and you’ll automatically receive the swapped cryptocurrency in your provided receiving address.


All Done! Easy Peasy.

We can confidently say that the time it takes to convert crypto-to-crypto on Breet is faster than the time it took you to read this guide

Breet's Superpowers


All fees included.

The estimated exchange rate includes all possible fees, providing completely fair terms and transparency.

Go offramp like a boss.

If crypto-to-crypto gets boring, you can go offramp and convert your cryptocurrencies to cash easily.

No limits on exchanges.

You can exchange as little as $2. Additionally, there are no upper limits for exchanges. The world is yours.

More than 50,000 trading pairs.

On Breet, you can find nearly any pair of listed currencies—even the rarest combinations.

Fixed or floating rates.

You can choose the floating rate to make your exchange more profitable or the fixed rate to get the exact amount you need.

All-round Protection

We strive to protect our users. That’s why we use an automated risk prevention system, provide custody-free service, and analyse all transactions in real time.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Our crypto-to-crypto exchange supports over 170 coins, including popular and even the rarest cryptocurrencies.